Simon West To Helm ‘The Blob’ Remake; Goldcrest Selling At EFM – Berlin My dream has come true; the sequel is becoming a major movie gracing the marquees of leading theatres throughout the world.
Producers Brian Witten and Richard Saperstein brought Simon West on board to direct. A live stage musical is also being written. In addition, there’s a deal in the winds with a Canadian company on a sequel or remake of 4D MAN.…

Jack H. Harris will be signing books on Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention in Los Angeles.

The show also features Celebrities, Comic Book creators, Animators and many others.  Recent celebrity appearances include Danai Gurira and Laurie Holden from The Walking Dead, Jaimie Alexander, the Lady Sif in the Thor movies, Caity Lotz from CW’S Arrow and Edward James Olmos. The show has featured book signings by William Shatner (Star Trek), Special Effects Creator Ray Harryhausen (7th Voyage of Sinbad, Clash of the Titans), Special Effects Creator Stan Winston (Terminator), Eric Idle (Monty Python), Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner), Stan Lee (Marvel Comics), Burt Ward (Batman), Artist Basil Gogos (Famous Monsters of Filmland), George Takei (Star Trek) and Artist Syd Mead (Designer for Blade Runner, Aliens).


Blobfest 2015 will be July 10th through the 12th Blobfest is an annual 3 day event in Phoenixville, PA. It is a festival in celebration of the 1958 horror movie “The Blob,” starring Steve McQueen. Located at The Colonial Theatre, 227 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA Check out the next Blobfest:

Breakthrough Entertainment Broadcast Radio interviews Jack Harris to discuss Successful Scary Movie Theme Songs.

To listen: When the eerie BLOB score was finished, Burt Bacharach came in to add a memorable, fun, lightly scary theme song that became the hit, “Beware of the BLOB.” The theme song for EYES OF LAURA MARS, “Prisoner”, is still popular and scary with thanks to a super star who almost didn’t sing it. What do the scores of 4-D Man, The Thing, Frankenstein, Dracula and JAWS all have in common?…

Life lessons from Jack H. Harris

For Those Aspiring to be in the Business of Entertainment I’ve been broke many times but never poor. Know where your next buck is coming from and plan at least 6 projects ahead. Cut your losses early and don’t look back. When considering a project – believe in it enough to mortgage your own home. Regarding getting into the biz: “Learn from the ground up – every little job.” Remember the business of show biz. It’s all about the “deal,” which in order to be a good deal must be fair for both sides. And, always GET IT IN WRITING with a signature. From his military experience he learned ATTENTION TO DETAIL and then drilled it into others. At 96, he still watches every detail and takes nothing for granted until he checks it himself. Don’t let other people’s opinions or perceptions sway you. Know your business, know the results you want and the path to get there and then trust your gut when making decisions.…

Should someone read the book before they see the movie?

The book usually relates the facts and the Movie dramatizes them.
Books can go into detail about environment and history, etc. while a movie must find its inciting incident early in the story and follow pretty tight structure points in its 3 acts. The commitments to time and structure can limit the content causing the script writer an often difficult job. If both are available simultaneously, see the movie first. It seldom spoils a movie to read the book it came from first. However, if you like the element of surprise when watching a movie, then see it first. Remember, a book is the theatre of the mind. Your protagonist may look quite different than the one on screen. A movie fills in areas left to your imagination in the book. I’ve long advised young film makers who want a leg up when starting out in the biz to “write the book.” The book provides the guide for the movie and the original author is more in a position of power to see the movie through and even participate in production in some cases.…

Jack’s Secrets to Living & Working Over 90

Wake up with joy in your heart for what the day may bring.
Exercise every day — like a soldier.
Make a living doing something you love…passionately & don’t stop.
Be a good role model – parent, friend, husband, boss…
Take responsibility for your mistakes. Honor your word.
What are the benefits of continuing to work?
Brain stimulation; the opportunity to mentor; increased legacy points; the joy of connection and relevancy.…