Life lessons from Jack H. Harris

For Those Aspiring to be in the Business of Entertainment

I’ve been broke many times but never poor. Know where your next buck is coming from and plan at least 6 projects ahead. Cut your losses early and don’t look back.

When considering a project – believe in it enough to mortgage your own home.

Regarding getting into the biz: “Learn from the ground up – every little job.”

Remember the business of show biz. It’s all about the “deal,” which in order to be a good deal must be fair for both sides. And, always GET IT IN WRITING with a signature.

From his military experience he learned ATTENTION TO DETAIL and then drilled it into others.

At 96, he still watches every detail and takes nothing for granted until he checks it himself.

Don’t let other people’s opinions or perceptions sway you. Know your business, know the results you want and the path to get there and then trust your gut when making decisions.

From his father he learned lack of trust. You won’t find Jack making the same mistake twice. He’s loyal as the day is long, but if you cross him the relationship is over.

Preparation is everything. Show up for a meeting knowing what you want and how to get it. Also, know who you are dealing with.

The movie business does not define you. Your life does, so make it a good life. Be true to your word. Honor your family, friends and partners. Surround yourself with beauty. Make life good for others.

Wake up with joy in your heart every morning for what the day may bring. Eat healthy, exercise daily, and follow the rule of moderation except when it comes to love which you want to do deeply, completely and forever.

Know that you can handle it. Once you make the decision, even if things go bad, don’t blame the other party. You made the decision. Fix it and go on and know in your heart, you can handle it.

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